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Learn about the Worst Viruses Present in the World

The viruses have existed since the time memorial, and they have been evolving for several years. With the various kinds of viruses, they usually come along with different characteristics, and some of them are very dangerous in leading to disease outbreaks and some extent leading to pandemics. The viruses end up being a menace in those situations where the viruses have high levels of causing disease outbreaks yet in vaccine or cure has been discovering. This article avails the vital information about the viruses that are likely to be doing within the world which are termed as being very dangerous and which yet the scientist have not found the cure.

One of the lethal viruses that exist today within the world is the zika virus. The first case of the zika virus was first discovered within the states of America. The zika virus leads to many health problems which include congenital disabilities and many other. Where those people who get infected with the zika virus underwent a lot of suffering the world health organization ended declaring zika as a health menace that was putting the whole world at risk. The symptoms which were used in recognition of the zika virus were the congenital disability which included the child having a very tiny head with malformed brains. The mosquito is one of the leading agents who was known to move the zika virus from one person to another.

The Ebola virus is the second kind of the infections which one can term as being vigorous since it has the capability of leading to an outbreak. Africa is the primary area where a large number of deaths and people suffering from the Ebola virus has been reported. The Ebola virus is termed as being lethal because the mode of transmission had not entirely been well proven however the most known means is by fluid body contact.

The other kind of the virus which has brought a lot of suffering and death to the human race is the Lassa fever virus. The most disturbing thing about the Lassa virus is that those people who end up being exposed to the virus may suffer from it would without being noticed. Since the Lassa virus does not show any sign, it becomes hard for those people who are suffering firm the virus to know they need medical help. The scientist termed as the body fluid as being the primary agent in which the Lassa virus gets passed to another person. The main symptoms that appear at the last stage is the bleeding of the eyes and the gums.

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