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Tools You Need for Self Defense

Knowing that around the world crime is getting rampant, plus the fact that it could happen any moment can be very worrying for some of us. This causes people to live in distress and fear, with the hopes to not encounter situations that will put their lives in tremendous danger. In a lot of countries, crime rate is on an inconsistent ride of rising and falling, and this statistic can be very disturbing, because it means that we can never be at ease, since crime can happen any moment.

Even those in the safety and comforts of their homes are no exemption to crimes, such as invasion, theft or even murder that can happen no matter the time and place. Therefore, it is important for people to acquire a few measures of self- defense tools in order to provide themselves, their loved ones and relatives the necessary protection to avoid any unfortunate events from taking place. There are many tools which can be used to stop a crime from ever happening, and some of these tools are provided below.

Number 1. Everyday Items – Some people may not know this, but there are quite a number of things found at home that will be useful in disabling an attacker when the situation calls for it. Even something so simple such as keys found in someone’s pocket can be sufficient on stopping a criminal on their track. Placing the key on open palms, slipped out between the gap of your two fingers, then closing them in to a tight fist. This can really be very painful if used as makeshift knuckles, and for sure, criminals will be bleeding everywhere. A pen can also be useful in urgent moments like these as a stabbing device to inflict pain. Even a cell phone, that you never thought of, can be used in extreme danger.

Number 2. Stun Gun – device which is practically safe for use. It will not incapacitate anyone to the point of death, since it only discharges right around 0.0003 amps, a rather low current. If it is higher than that, then this might cause cessations in breathing and might induce heart beats, opening of killing a person. Therefore, one wouldn’t have to worry about getting slapped with murder on a case of self-defense with this device.

Number 3. Pepper spray – one canister of this will be enough to daze a handful of criminals that are planning to cause harm. When used, this gives out a type of chemical that will cause temporary blindness, irritation to the eyes, which leaves the assailant defenseless. These are just as popular as stun guns and are also non-lethal. These are two very effective tools used for self-defense by ordinary citizens. We are all praying and hoping for the safety and peace of ourselves and our beloved, but in our day and age, these are things are quite inevitable, there are people who are willing to hurt anyone just for personal gain. Alertness is important, being aware of the surrounding, whether it’s day or night, always look around you. If anyone is stalking you, the aforementioned action, will let them know that you will not be an easy target! If this is the case, they will more than likely move on, due to the fact that the element of surprise is no longer available to them.

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